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Classified as a rare breed, Cotswold sheep have great personalities, are excellent mothers, and produce heavy fleeces outstanding for spinning, weaving, and knitting. Possibly introduced into Britain by the Romans, Cotswold sheep and their wool formed the cornerstone of the medieval English wool industry; many wool merchants and towns owed their prosperity to this heavily-wooled sheep. By the sixteenth century, the sheep were referred to as "Cotswold lions." In the nineteenth century, Cotswold sheep were prized for their superb meat-producing ability, both pure bred and Cotswold-sired.

The Cotswold's numerous advantages include the following: heavy wool clip, hardiness, economic to feed, longevity, superb mothering instinct, easy lambing, excellent milking ability, strong and vigorous lambs, lambing percentages of 150%-175%, docile, and great temperaments.

Crossbreeding Cotswold rams offers many benefits, including siring strong halfbred ewes capable of producing large, lean lambs, low percentage of lambing difficulties, improved docility, superb mothering ability, hardiness, economy in feeding, and increased fleece weight.

Visit my Shearing page to learn how I shear sheep.

As of July 2011, I have several rams and ewes available for sale. I'm behind on posting pictures. Please call me, (928)442-9291, or email me for details.

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