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Possibly introduced into Britain by the Romans, Cotswold sheep and their wool formed the cornerstone of the medieval English wool industry; many wool merchants and towns owed their prosperity to this heavily-wooled sheep. By the sixteenth century, the sheep were referred to as "Cotswold lions."

Classified as a rare breed, adult Cotswolds have long staple lengths of 6" to 10". Lambs' wool is about 4" to 5" long. Take advantage of the Cotswolds' lustrous wavy locks to spin yarns like no others. Their gorgeous ringlets also make wonderful Santa beards and doll hair. Our sheep produce white, silver, gray, and black fleece. Many fleeces contain a combination of colors: silver, gray, black, and, sometimes, bits of brown.

I do not use any pesticides or insecticides on my sheep, and I use only mild soap to wash their fleeces. Therefore, there are no harsh chemicals or their residues on my Cotswold wool.

Visit my Shearing page to learn how I shear sheep.
For instructions on washing Cotswold fleece, check out my blog post.

REMEMBER! The colors that you see on your computer monitor may not be the exact colors of the item. Every monitor is different.

Below are pictures of typical fleece from my sheep. I'm happy to send a free sample of a particular fleece. Prices are as follows.
Adult fleece, raw (unwashed) - $1.25/oz
Adult fleece, washed - $1.75/oz
Lamb fleece, raw (unwashed) - $1.50/oz
Lamb fleece, washed - $2.00/oz

You may order as little or as much as you want. Email or call me, (928) 442-9291, for details and availability of fleece.

White wool being sheared White wool being sheared Black and silver wool

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