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Handspun, Handknit Silk Pillow Sham Handspun, Handwoven Silk Pillow Sham
Handspun, Handknit on One Side, Handwoven on the Reverse Silk Pillow Sham
Handspun, Handknit Angora Pillow Sham Handspun, Handwoven Angora Pillow Sham
Handspun, Handknit on One Side, Handwoven on the Reverse Angora Pillow Sham
Handspun, Handwoven Merino Scarf
Handspun, Handwoven Merino Wool Scarf
"Thank you so much for the beautiful work you did for me. The custom made angora rabbit & silk hand spun & hand woven & hand knit pillow shams are absolutely exquisite. The beautiful super fine merino wool scarf is also wonderful. Everything came out even better than I expected. I look forward to working with you again in the near future." -- Eli M. Feuer, Monsey, NY (Feb. 28, 2008)
"I had the opportunity to spin some of the fleece from Franklin's first shearing (isn't it great to have handspun with a name!). I bought the fiber unwashed, and while it was clean with very little vegetative matter it was also pretty greasy so I ended up washing it and hand carding. The long staple made it fun and easy to spin and the end product was surprisingly soft. While Franklin is predominantly black, there are touches of brown and even a little silver that make a beautiful, interesting yarn. I added a few strands of gold lurex for accent. I was so pleased with the result that I gave it to my son's fiancee for Christmas to knit a hat - they live in Colorado, and this was the perfect yarn for a cozy knit cap. Thanks Diane!" -- Debbie Allen, Prescott, AZ (Mar. 31, 2008)
"I started to comb out some of Ambrose's locks ( which I dyed yesterday) a little while ago and just had to quit and tell you how amazed I am. First of all the dye took just beautiful and the locks shine like silk, I can feel the lanolin on my hands since I didn't scald them first but they took the dye anyway's. When I started brushing them out I was amazed to see that the locks are a staggering ELEVEN inches long!! Please give Ambrose a thank you pat from me and tell him what a beautiful boy he is. I will definitely contact you again for more, thank you so much." -- Gaby Robbins, Tuscumbia, AL, (Apr. 17, 2008)
"I washed the lamb's fleece I bought from you on Sunday as soon as we got home and today I have begun carding it. I had to email you to tell you how impressed with it I am! The staple length is about 6 inches, and it is soft like I have never felt before, except with alpaca. The crimp is great and the sheen is wonderful! I had planned to card the bamboo into it but I no longer think I will; this fiber deserves to be appreciated all by itself." -- Susan Swiggers, Mayer, AZ (Feb. 17, 2009)
"Thank you so much. I received them [natural hemp yarn] yesterday and I am very pleased!!! Thanks again and I will continue to order my supplies from your company!!" -- Sara Pickett, Oneonta, NY (Mar. 19, 2009)
"Thank you very much for the card. It was just what I was looking for! It made a very good "wool" (i.e. 7th) anniversary card. Thank you, too, for the excellent service and prompt attention to my order." -- Simon Beattie, London, UK (Aug. 24, 2009)
"Thanks for the fleece. It is wonderful. Better than the picture. One of the nicest and cleanest that I have received. Will order again. I make Santas and am always looking for nice white curl." -- Marge Russell, Oakhurst, CA (Mar. 9, 2010)
"Thank you for sending the hemp yarn so quickly! I have made some things with it for the church silent auction this Saturday. I usually work with stones so this is a novelty....The thickness of the 3-ply is just the right size for these beads. I had no other hemp that would do the job without making modifications." -- Jim Briones, San Jose, CA, (Jun. 17, 2010)
"I bought some of Sierra's gorgeous wool from you earlier this year and was curious if you have any more. I'm interested in Sierra's wool again or any others that are similar to her wool. Her wool was just beautiful!" -- Celeste Flanagan, Farmer City, IL (Sept. 9, 2010)
"I got the wool today and I am very excited with it. It is exactly what I wanted. Thank you again, I will tell some of my friends about your product. I love the curls.!" -- Karen Prater, Kettering, OH (Oct. 21, 2010)
"You can tell Minerva that she has a lovely coat. I've spun up about 200 yards so far and it's so white it almost glows. I'll be dyeing some of it, but I almost don't want to, the white is so pretty. And the staple length is crazy! I'm combing it before I spin, and I've never had anything so long on the combs before. Thanks so much, I'm really enjoying working with the Cotswold!" -- Linda Ash, Hudson, OH (Jun. 3, 2011)
"WooHoo!!!!! The Cotswold came today!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!! It is wonderful!!!!!! I love the colors!!!!!!!" -- Pat Collins, Lovington, NM (Nov. 9, 2011)
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